Bob’s Links – July 25-31, 2016

Here are links to different articles and posts that I connected to on Facebook during the week of July 25-31. I encourage you to subscribe to these authors if you find their articles worthwhile.

How Search Committees Lead from Fear (Joe McKeever)  This is a short article that is good for pastor search teams to read, considering pressures that teams feel from the church and  others on the team.

Why Voting for Donald Trump Is a Morally Good Choice (Wayne Grudem) This is long-ish article by a highly respected theologian and ethics professor giving a reasoned out explanation of why voting for Donald Trump is an acceptable action for Christians. This is not an endorsement by me for Donald Trump but a attempt to give Christian friends and family information on which to base decisions.

Albert Mohler and Russell Moore Explain Why They Can’t Support Trump (Shane VanderHart) Here’s another view of what the Christian should be doing for this presidential election. This article has a text as well as a video of Mohler and Moore explaining their stances.

7 Reasons to Consider Not Requiring Office Hours for Ministerial Staff (Thom Rainer) Some churches want pastors and staffs to have regular office hours. Other don’t. Here are seven reasons to consider when making that decision.


An Intro

During just about every week, I link to different articles and posts through my Facebook page here. Since what I post is often shared with others, I thought it would be a good idea if I put those different links in one place to make finding them and sharing them easier.

So that’s what this blog is about. Every few days, when there are enough links, I’ll put them here and produce another posting. Maybe this will be a help. So stay tuned. Let others know. Thanks for reading.