Bob’s Links – Aug 22-28, 2016

Here are links to different articles and posts that I connected to on Facebook during the week of August 22-28. I encourage you to subscribe to these authors if you find their articles worthwhile.

More Pressing than Women Preachers (Jen Wilkin) “The women e-mailing me regularly are not worried about winning the pulpit…  They are fighting to contribute more than hospitality or a soft voice on the praise team. They are looking for leadership trajectories for women in the local church and finding virtually nothing.”

10 Simple Ways to Increase Your Church’s Attendance This Weekend (Chuck Lawless) “Want some simple ways to increase your church’s attendance this weekend? Consider these possibilities.”

The Modern Worship Music Wars (Stephen Miller) “Ours is a generation marked by war. I’m not referring to a war with guns and tanks, though we have certainly seen our share of that as well. We are a generation that grew up witnessing the church fight over the very thing that was supposed to unite us: the worship of Jesus.”

The Holy One of God (Steven Lawson) “The title “Holy One of God” means that Jesus is infinitely and absolutely holy, fully and perfectly divine. He is transcendent and majestic.”

Why I Participated in the Work of the Local Association (Joe McKeever) “At some point, I’ll ask the host pastor, ‘Does the pastor of the First Baptist Church attend these meetings?’ You would be distressed to know the answer is frequently, ‘Never. They don’t participate in anything the association does.’ Big, big mistake.”

First Person:State Conventions – A Closer Look (Doug Munton) “The Southern Baptist Convention is organized through state conventions (though some of the “state” conventions combine multiple states). I suggest to you that these state conventions play a helpful but underappreciated role in the work of our faith and denomination.”

Life Is Short. Make a Difference (Thom S Rainer) “It is a sin to be good when God has called us to be great.”

The Pressure of the Pastorate (Shawn Lovejoy) “I spoke with another friend and megachurch pastor who was removed from his church last month. As a leadership coach and pastor to pastors, it breaks my heart and causes me to lose sleep every time. What happened? Nothing really. Life. The gravitational pull. Pressure. Pride. That’s what happened.”