Bob’s Links – Aug 29-Sep 4, 2016

Here are links to different articles and posts that I connected to on Facebook during the week of August 29-September 4. I encourage you to subscribe to these authors if you find their articles worthwhile.

5 Reasons Every Pastor Needs an Intern…and How to Find One (Chuck Lawless) “I think every pastor needs – and can enlist – at least one intern. Here’s why.”

Small Towns Need Jesus Too by Donnie Griggs (Scott Slayton) “Griggs devotes the first half of Small Town Jesus to showing why small towns still matter. He notes the increased emphasis on church planting and ministry in cities over the last decade. While necessary, in doing so we have minimized strategically sending people to small towns.”

Pastoral Prayer as Worship (Josh Buice) “When trimming things from your own worship service in order to become more efficient, could I make one plea? Don’t take away the pastoral prayer.”

15 Reasons Why Your Pastor Should Not Visit Much (Thom S Rainer) “While I am not advocating that pastors never visit people, I am concerned that such expectations are well beyond those with serious and emergency needs. The truth is: Your pastor shouldn’t visit much. Here are 15 reasons why.”