Bob’s Links – Sep 26-Oct 2

Here are links to different articles and posts that I connected to on Facebook during the week of September 26 – October 2. I encourage you to subscribe to these authors if you find their articles worthwhile.

The Two Reasons Why the Church Doesn’t Sing Anymore (Travis Agnew) “While I have read many reasonings on why this is happening, there is ultimately two reasons as to why people don’t sing in worship services anymore.”

10 Steps to Confront When You Don’t Like Confrontation (Chuck Lawless) “I admit it. I don’t like confrontation. I often work with students and church leaders who face the same issue, even when they know ignoring the issue isn’t wise. Here are some steps that help me in those tough times.”

Maybe You Need to Declare a Name Amnesty Sunday (Tim Challies) “It’s probably a silly idea. It’s probably the kind of thing we came up with late on a Friday afternoon and laughed about before realizing, ‘Actually, maybe there’s something to this.’”

Shut Down the Bus Tours: What Older Church Members Should Really Be Doing (Carey Nieuwhof) “So how do you engage older church attendees… say people over age 50?”

Why Christians Should Stop Saying “Prayer Works” (And 2 Other Things) (Carey Nieuwhof) “One reason people stay away from Christianity is not because they don’t know any Christians. It’s often because they do.”

5 Reasons to Keep Going When You Want to Quit (Kevin Campbell) “Before I became a pastor, I heard people in ministry joke about how they wanted to quit almost every Monday. I laughed, but didn’t really understand. I then became a pastor and the light bulb came on.”

All Those Things I Will Leave Undone (Tim Challies) “I consider it one of the great tragedies of life: All those things I will leave undone. All those things I mean to do that I will never do. All those things I will begin but leave incomplete. All those things I long to master that I will not even be able to start. All those things I will actually do, but do partially or badly.”

How Jesus Maximized His Season (Sophie McDonald) “Should our planners be continually overbooked? Should the normal pace of our lives yield overwhelming pressure and exhaustion? Is that what Jesus meant by abundant life (John 10:10)?”