Bob’s Links – Dec 12-18, 2016

Here are links to different articles and posts that I connected to on Facebook during the period of Dec 12-18. I encourage you to subscribe to these authors if you find their articles worthwhile.

A Word of Encouragement to the Small Town Pastor (Ron Edmondson) “That’s when it occurred to me something I’ve observed numerous times, but never put into words. Sometimes people don’t know how well they are doing.”

5 Pastoral Convictions About Congregational Singing (Daryl C Cornett) “The following is what I have crystalized to this point as my personal philosophy concerning congregational singing. I’ve arrived at these through reading, talking to people who know more than me, and through trial and error.”

11 Reasons to Love the Senior Adults in Your Church (Chuck Lawless) “Occasionally, I speak in a church that is predominantly senior adults. Each time I do, I think about how a church like that is going to survive – but I also remember why senior adults matter. Remembering these things reminds me to love them even as we make changes to grow the church.”