Bob’s Links – Dec 19-25, 2016

Here are links to different articles and posts that I connected to on Facebook during the period of Dec 19-25. I encourage you to subscribe to these authors if you find their articles worthwhile.

7 of the Most Frustrating Things Pastors Experience (Ron Edmondson) “Ron – What do you think are some of the most frustrating things pastors experience? Great question.”

7 Ways God May Tell a Pastor to Leave a Church (Karl Vaters) “Do I stay, or do I go?
It’s one of the toughest questions a pastor has to face.”

Bad Leaders, Good Leaders, Great Leaders and the Younger Leaders They Create (Noel Jesse Hiekkinen) “Over the past two decades of ministry (full disclosure: I am still in the same church that trained me), I have observed many guys like me bouncing around and I have learned that bad leaders repel young leaders, good leaders raise up young leaders, and great leaders launch young leaders.”

Jesus Came From Those He Came For (Sam Guthrie) “Jesus’s family tree isn’t simply a list of names to skim over to get to the “substance” of the gospel, nor is the story of Israel that comes before it. Rather, the genealogy of Jesus offers us a bird’s-eye view of God’s active and historic promise—one that grounds us in our past, solidifies us in the present, and catapults us into the future.”

Seven Commitments of Renewal Every Church Leader Should Make for a New Year (Thom S Rainer) “Consider these seven resolutions to be statements of renewal. Ask others to keep you accountable. Above all, ask God for the wisdom, strength, and perseverance to move these commitments of renewal to reality.”