Bob’s Links – Mar 6-26, 2017

Here are the links to the articles that I connected to on Facebook during the period of March 6-26, 2017. I encourage you to subscribe to these authors if you find their articles worthwhile.

How to Be Mad at Your Pastor (JD Hall) “It happens regularly, in every church and among every congregation. Sooner or later, you or someone you love is going to be mad at your pastor.”

Why I Didn’t Sing When I Visited Your Church (Tim Challies) “It was a joy to finally visit your church a couple of Sundays ago, and to worship with the believers there… Now, you asked me why it looked like I wasn’t singing. I know that was probably a little awkward, so thought I’d send along a brief explanation.”

Five Things the Traditional Church Is Doing Well (Thom S Rainer) “There are many traditional or established churches doing things well. And though we can’t make categorical statements about any group of churches, it is indeed true that there are some elements in traditional churches we need to celebrate. Here are five of them.”

Six Traits of Preacher-Eater Churches (Thom S Rainer) “I hear far too often about the very real problem of preacher eating churches. We cover six traits that are found in these churches and how to remedy them.”

Four Questions to Ask Before Joining a Church (Brian Croft) “It is a common scenario. You move to a new area. You get find your new residence and job. You get the kids enrolled in school. Where you settle in a local church often becomes a longer, more drawn-out task.After checking out all the churches you desire to visit, here are four questions to ask yourself as you narrow the search to make a decision.”

Battling Burnout as a Pastor’s Wife (Erin Wheeler) “What do we do as pastor’s wives when the never-ending demands pummel us? In many ways our calling is the same as every Christian’s—we’re to take up our cross daily, and follow him (Luke 9:23). And often the cross we bear is a call to give out of poverty, not abundance.”

We Have Lost the Sense of God (Conrad Mbewe) “After my last blog post in which I addressed the issue of believers abandoning going to church on a Sunday in preference for watching a football match, I tossed and turned most of the night. I kept asking myself how believers could do this. I could not understand how even pastors are now joining in this revelry with a clear conscience. I mean, how? I was sure that the football craze that had engulfed this generation is only a symptom of a greater disease. But what was that disease? That is the question I was wrestling with. By the time the sun rose, I think that I had an answer. The best way to phrase it is by the title of this blog post: We have lost the sense of God.”